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All in our family play some tennis, with all but Susan entering a tournament now and then. We live near a very nice outdoor court that is almost always available.

Erik (age 14) is our most active player. He competes in perhaps 12-15 tournaments per year.

USTA Junior Tennis

Most junior (age 18 an under) tennis tournaments are organized by the United States Tennis Association. They host an array of events catering to a wide range of abilities.

Tennis Links

Sports Psychology

I would like to personally recommend the services of The Sports Mind, Anne Thomas, owner. Anne is a dynamic motivator, and does she knows sports! Ann holds an M.S. degree in Human Performance and Sports Studies. Anns couseling builds a team that includes the parents of a young athelete.

Anne offers motivational and growth strategies, especially to young atheletes. You can contact her for a brochure. She has a wide assortment of clients, including nationally ranked juniors and touring tennis professionals. OK, even aspiring locally ranked players such as my son!

Her strategies work for many sports, and life situations. Tennis, perhaps more than other sports, has a decidedly 'inner' dimension to it.

Contact The Sports Mind at POB 271421 Tampa, FL 33688

Look for her web page, coming to the net soon! I'll report the address when it comes on-line.

The Tennis Thomas's

Many tennis fans in the Northwest will be familiar with the Thomas family. Ann's brother, Tim is a tennis pro, teaching out of Richland, WA . He has coached winning teams at both the high school and college level. He is great with kids on the court, and has more inventive drills in his repetoir than anyone I know. Ann's brother Kevin surfaces tennis courts, among other things (and I am a satisfied customer). She has another sister who played tennis professionally for a while, but I've forgotten her name.

You may contact the Husa family at

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