Jerrold N. Lewis
1737 Davison
Richland, WA 99352-2331
 (509) 946-7119

Technical and media related competencies

World Wide Web Columbia Basin College Webmaster: page creation, file management, graphic creation and design.
Internet clients Web browsers, FTP, Telnet, E-mail, Newsgroups, Archie, Gopher, Fetch, Pine, etc.
DTP, Graphics & Media
Adobe PageMaker Page Layout - use extensively
Macromedia Freehand Illustration - use frequently
Adobe Photoshop Image editing and manipulation - use extensively
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Software: use extensively, have taught
Adobe Acrobat Portable document creation
Asymetrix Toolbook Some use
Newtek Video Toaster Video editing, effects, CG. AmiLink ELM & controller, Lightwave 3D animation
Film Recorder Mirus Turbo II (Mac/SCSI) for making slides
Color Scanner Use regularly, UMAX (Mac/SCSI)
SyQuest drives 88/200 Meg, (Mac/Amiga/SCSI)
Other PC & Mac Image Software Screen Grabbers, paint programs, viewers, optical character recognition, Quicktime movie acquisition, etc.
Spreadsheets & Database
Excel for Windows/Mac Taught and been TA for classes, Use regularly
Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS, Windows 5+ years teaching experience (Mostly DOS)
Microsoft Access
Operating Systems
Windows 95, Windows 3.* Use regularly
MS DOS 2 through 6 Conversant with DOS and batch files
Apple System 7.* Use regularly
Word Processors
WordPerfect for Windows/Mac
Word for Windows/Mac TA for class, use regularly
Hardware and Basics
PC/Mac Fundamentals Conversant with technical aspects of PCs, good overall view, grasp of PCs and peripherals.
Modems Regular communications and fax user, Mac & PC
Printers Laser, Dot Matrix & ink jet, plate imager (Varitype). Mac & PC
Monitors and Data Projection LCD, Sony and Barco
Programming Languages Visual Basic, Qbasic plus ancient programming experience
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Updated: July 11, 1997