July 2003: Most of the stuff on this site is ancient. If you want to see a newer site that I designed, check out Ballet Arts - a Tri-Cities Ballet & Dance Studio, and home of Dance in Flight.

New (3/99): Here's a picture of me at Jerry Lewis' star on the walk of stars in Hollywood.  It dates from about 1990.  I was quite a bit skinnier then. I don't fit in that shirt anymore.  Too bad, it's a cool shirt.  It has a bicycle gear table on it.
Thanks for visiting my web page. If you've been here before you will see some cosmetic changes on this page. I hope to update some of the other pages soon. In particular, I would like to get some of my Paris pictures up and I would like to get the photographic archives moving. I also want to add a link for Jerry Lewis stories that people have sent me. 
I have removed some of the image links from this page, but have left the old text links at the bottom of the page. I finally got a picture of me smiling on my personal info page. So far, everyone except my Mother has liked it. ("you're so handsome when you comb your hair down, etc").
Go Figure.
As always, you may contact me with comments about my pages or Jerry Lewis stories (that other guy). Click on my name below to send me e-mail.
Jerry Lewis, December 1996
Also, check out my New Year card.

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