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  Below is a copy of a 511th PIR newsletter dated Sept. 8, 1948  
  511th PIR Shows High Extensions  
  Camp Haugen, Sept. 8, 1948 - A total of 324 men of the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment have extended their enlistments during the period January 1 to August 31.  This was a new record for one unit throughout the entire army.  
  These figures did not include the normal flow of three-year re-enlistments.  Extensions to four years numbered 176:  while 104 extended to six years, 37 men increased their enlistment’s to five years and seven extended to three years.  Company “H” (under the command of Capt. John Ringler) led in the rush to the Recruiting office.  As of August 31, this Company had 66 men who have extended.  Company “I” was a close second with 62.  In their 66 total, Company "H" had 31 men for four years, 11 for five years 24 for six years.  Company "I" had 14 extensions to four years; two extensions to five years and 46 extensions to six years.  
  The extension total shows that 1,534 years of military service have been added to their records. Pvt. Arthur Smith, Company “H”, was the 200th man of the regiment to extend his enlistment.  He entered the Army in June 1947, for a three-year period, but 14 months later he extended his enlistment.  He extended to six years.  Sgt. Monroe L. Hillard, Medical detachment became the 300 man to extend his enlistment.  He extended to six years.  
  The Commanding Officer of the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment is Col. Reynolds Condon; Executive officer is Lt. Col. William J. Boyle and the Regimental Sergeant Major is M/Sgt. Ben O. Haygood.  
  Following the above 511th PIR newsletter, the editor of the “Stars & Stripes” sent Dick Harn, (the Sports editor of the Stars & Stripes) to Camp Haugen, Japan to see what kind of water the troopers of the 511th PIR were drinking.  Below is the article that Dick wrote and it was subsequently published in the Stars & Stripes.  
  Well, folks, it took us a night and a half to get here but get here we did.  And we’re glad we made the trip.  Now some of you may not think we’re writing about sports in today’s Chatta Matte, but when we are through maybe you’ll change your mind.  
  The 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 11th Airborne Division is stationed at Camp Haugen, Japan ...that’s where we spent last week.  This Camp is about 300 miles from nowhere or anywhere, whichever way you want to put it, yet we’ve never visited either Army or civilian installation, which has the high morale that this entire organization possesses.  
  We don’t know whether it’s because of its commanding officer that the atmosphere at the 511th is permeated with self-satisfaction, confidence, pride, or any other attribute which qualifies Americanism: or whether because of a superior group of non-coms: or whether it’s because of the men we’ve met throughout the regiment enlisted personnel.   
  However, the fact remains that wherever you go on this post, you’re greeted with a friendly and hearty “Hi’ ya soldier, how’s everything”.  We don’t know the present strength of the 511th PIR... but, like every other regiment in the Army today, we don’t think they are numerically up to standard.  Regardless, did you know that approximately one-third of this regiment’s membership, presently stationed at Camp Haugen, has either extended or re-enlisted?!!  
  An astounding fact is that one hundred and four of the re-enlistees have re-upped for six-year periods!  This aggregates six hundred and 24 years of service in soldier’s uniforms for the government of the United States!  Is there any organization or outfit in the entire world, whatever Army, who can boast of such an outstanding record?  Add to this well over 200 more who have extended or re-upped for shorter terms then six years and you have the picture.  Let’s put it this way, here is a regiment which knows what soldiering means, which realizes the importance of the soldier in the world today to such an extent that they want wholeheartedly to stay in the best uniform in the world... that of the American soldier.  
  Below is a copy of a 511th PIR newsletter dated Sept. 20,1948  
  Since January first 1948 there have been 347 extensions in this Regiment.  Lt. Dubsky, the Recruiting Officer of the 511th wishes to make it 400 by the end of the month of September.  We, the men in this Regiment, have broken all previous records in voluntary extensions in the U.S. Army.  
  For the months of July and August the 511th had more extensions than any of the Divisions of the FEC.  The 11th Airborne had 298 extensions, 249 of which 84% of these were from the 511th.  The 511th had more extensions than the 24th, 25th and the 1st Cavalry Divisions combined.  The results are:  511th - 249, 24th, 25th and 1st Cav. - 243.  
  The 200 man to extend was Pvt. Artus Smith of “H” Co. and the 300th was Sgt. Monroe L. Hillard.    
  Ed Note:  Reproduced from the files of Leo F. Kocher G-511th PIR