11th Airborne HQS and Support Unit troopers KIA during WWII  
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   Number of Troopers Listed:  68       Unit Date of Death & Location  
  COLOVOS GEORGE G. Pfc 11th HQS 45-04-14 LUZON Philippines  
  COUNE FELIX H. Capt 11th HQS 44-12-06 LEYTE Bayoug  
  CRAWFORD WILLIAM R. LTC 11th HQS 45-02-06 LUZON Philippines  
  DONALDSON DAVID 2nd Lt 11th HQS 45-08-13 LUZON Philippines  
  KING GEORGE B. T/4 11th HQS 44-06-18   New Guinea  
  MOSELEY ARTHUR Maj 11th HQS 45-02-18 LUZON Nichols Fld.  
  REID HENRY J. 1st Lt 11th HQS 45-08-13 LUZON Philippines  
  SCHIMMELPFENNING IRVIN R. Col 11th HQS 45-02-04 LUZON Philippines  
  SETTERSTEADT LEONARD R. Pvt 11th HQS 45-08-13 LUZON Philippines  
  WILLIAMS RONALD G. Sgt 11th HQS 45-08-13 LUZON Philippines  
  SKAU GEORGE E. 1st Lt 11th Recon 45-08-13 OKINAWA Naha - AIR STRIP 
  BOWEN WILLIAM G. Pfc 127th Eng 44-07-12   New Guinea  
  DAVIS GEORGE M. Pfc 127th Eng 44-07-12   New Guinea  
  DESIMONE EUGENE A. Pvt 127th Eng 44-12-12 LEYTE Philippines  
  DUFFEE DONALD J. Cpl 127th Eng 45-04-02 LUZON Philippines
  HALLINGSTAD LEONARD Pfc 127th Eng 45-02-07 LUZON Philippines
  HIGGINS RICHARD D. Pfc 127th Eng 44-07-12   New Guinea
  KRISTENSEN NORMAN C. Pfc 127th Eng 44-12-07 LEYTE Philippines
  LAWRENCE DOYLE R. T/5 127th Eng   unk   Philippines
  MAUTNER CHARLES G. Sgt 127th Eng   unk   Philippines
  MAYOTTE ROBERT G. T/5 127th Eng   unk   Philippines
  O'MALLEY JOHN J. Pvt 127th Eng 44-12-07 LEYTE Philippines  
  PETERS LLOYD L. Sgt 127th Eng 44-12-07 LEYTE Philippines  
  SHELL WILLARD R. Pfc 127th Eng   unk   Philippines  
  WYLIE CHARLES S. Pvt 127th Eng 44-12-07   Philippines  
  KUKUS LOUIS J. Pfc 152nd 45-13-03 LUZON Philippines
  LOCKE HARODL E. Pvt 152nd 44-12-06 LEYTE Philippines
  RIEHL ARTHUR F. Pfc 152nd 45-03-13 LUZON Philippines
  SHAW JOHN G. T/5 152nd 45-02-04 LUZON Philippines
  DIGIROLAMO THOMAS J. Sgt 221st Med 45-02-07 LUZON Philippines
  JONES JOHN M. Pvt 221st Med 45-02-07 LUZON Philippines
  POWELL LEO M. Pvt 221st Med 45-02-07 LUZON Philippines
  BAXTER LEORNARD F.  Pfc 457th 45-10-21 LUZON Philippines  
  DISMUKE OLLIE Cpl 457th 45-02-11 LUZON Philippines  
  GAGNE RENE J. Pfc 457th 45-05-05 LUZON Philippines  
  GIROD BLAINE R. Pfc 457th 45-03-16 LUZON Philippines
  GRUNDMAN DONALD J. Cpl 457th 44-12-07 LEYTE Philippines
  JAMIESON CHARLES A. 1st Lt 457th 44-12-15 LEYTE Philippines
  KNIGHT JAMES W. Cpl 457th 44-12-11 LEYTE Philippines
  McCARTY PAUL D. Pvt 457th 44-12-21 LEYTE Philippines
  McDAGIN HERBERT G. Cpl 457th 44-12-22 LEYTE Philippines
  RAYMOND ROBERT H. T/5 457th 45-02-17 LUZON Philippines
  RICKS JOHN A. 1st Lt 457th 44-12-09 LEYTE Philippines
  SCZESWICK   Cpl 457th   unk LUZON Philippines
  TUDESCO ANTHONY P. Pfc 457th 46-04-16 DOW New York  
  CARLSON LeROY A. Pfc 472nd 45-07-20 LUZON Philippines
  ESENWINE JOHN F. Pvt 472nd 45-02-02 LUZON Philippines
  KELLER RICHARD A. 2nd Lt 472nd 45-07-20 LUZON Philippines
  KRYSKO JOHN J. T/4 472nd 45-04-29 LUZON Philippines
  REECER CURTIS E. Sgt 472nd 45-07-20 LUZON Philippines
  COHEN PAUL W. Pvt 674th   unk   Philippines  
  CONNOLLY PAUL W. S/Sgt 674th 45-07-20 LEYTE Philippines  
  DOWD JARRES B. Pfc 674th 45-08-12 LUZON Lipa Air Strip
  GROHMANN GUSTAVE T/5 674th 45-11-03 LUZON Philippines
  KLITZ MAURICE I. Pfc 674th   unk   Philippines
  KLOKER ROBERT L. Pfc 674th 45-03-06 LUZON Philippines
  LANIER AUBREY T. 1st Lt 674th   unk   Philippines
  MARICH LEWIS M. T/4 674th   unk   Philippines
  POTTER WALDEN F. T/4 674th 45-03-11 LUZON Philippines
  RISHEL PRESON C. 1st Lt 674th 44-12-12 LEYTE Philippines
  TESAR RUDOLPH Pvt 674th   unk   Philippines  
  YOUGHANS RAYMOND 1st Lt 674th 45-03-13 LUZON Santo Thomas
  ALBERICO JOHN J. Pvt 675th 45-04-04 LUZON Philippines
  BREZAR FELIX Sgt 675th 45-04-18 LUZON Philippines
  DECKER GEORGE A. T/5 675th 44-12-07 LEYTE Philippines
  HAGSTEDT ARTHUR Pvt 675th 45-08-06 LUZON Philippines
  McCARTHY DANIEL J. Cpl 675th 44-08-22   New Guinea
  SCHULTE FRANK O. Pfc 675th 45-03-25 LUZON Philippines  
  Thanks to SFC Glen M. Stover, 325th Abn. Inft. Regt., 82th Airborne Div. for supplying the majority of the names in this roster.
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