I have been coming to the state of Washington ever since I was a newborn baby. I was born in Rio Grande City, Texas. I have two brothers and I am the only girl in the family. My parents had to come in order for them to start a new life. They wanted to raise enough money to build a house. I don't think I'll be coming over here anymore because my parents are really tired of having to migrate every year. They say they don't want this kind of life for us anymore.

I have always dreamed of becoming a lawyer but the way things are going it's going to be a little hard. However, there are some good things about being a migrant worker. For example, you get to meet a lot of new people and see different places.

The bad things about being a migrant is that you miss out on many things. For example, you have to leave your home town every year, your friends, and other very important people in your life. It feels that when you leave all the good things start to happen. Another reason is that you miss out on a lot of school. I loose some of my credits when I come to Washington.

Working in the fields in the worst part of being a migrant student. You have to go to work every day, work in the hot sun, then come to school for the rest of the day. You don't even get to keep all of the money you make. It all has to go to your parents. You also have to wake up at four in the morning to go to work. It's really bad because you usually come to work until twelve in the afternoon.

Living conditions are not always that good. Sometimes you live in very small houses and you have to all bunch up in one room. Sometimes you get to have really nice houses with plenty of space. I guess it's all about luck, I don't know why. I don't plan to be a migrant worker when I grow up. I don't want my children to grow up having to move back and forth. I want for them to get educated and be something in life. I want them to grow up never having to experience any hard work like getting up in the morning and working in the fields. I don't want my children to teach their children to work in fields. I don't want to give them the life I am going thru right now.

There are certain restrictions as working as a student migrant worker. You have to be sixteen years old to work in the fields. Some people really need the money and have to get fake birth certificate so they can start to work at an early age. There are some thirteen or fourteen year old kids that have to work. Some of them don't even go to school.

I don't go to work on weekends. I stay home with my mother and baby-sit two baby girls. My mother does not work on weekends because there is no work for her in the daycare she works at. She helps me baby-sit. I get paid thirty-five dollars for each baby I take care of. I do get to keep all the money I earn as a baby-sitter. It's kind of fun not having to work in the fields and having fun but, for other people it's very hard.

I really am not happy with my parents decision to become migrant workers because I have missed out on a lot of things. They always take me away from all the fun things that are happening in my hometown. I am really not happy at all. I really don't know why they even have to come over here. We can't even work so why come over here and do nothing. Many families leave their children with other relatives that stay back in Texas.

There is a lot of prejudice against migrant workers. Everywhere you go you experience prejudice. For example, if you go to a store or something, they wont ask you if need any help. But, when someone of their own race comes in they get help. Also the owners are always walking behind them making sure you don't steal things. You don't always experience this but most of the time. Another thing that really expresses prejudice is in the check points. When they see Mexicans they always stop to search tour cars. Also, when you tell them where you are from, they will immediately search your car. Where we come from all the people are always driving twenty thousand dollar trucks and live in really poor homes. All you have to do is tell them that you are from the lower part of Texas or Mexico--they will always search you.

Females are always treated equally. It does not matter if you are a girl or not, everyone is treated equally. When my mom goes to the store and buys something for me, she has to buy something for my other brothers. Sometimes when you are the only girl in the family, you are spoiled. I am the only girl in the family so I am really spoiled. Sometimes I buy something and I hide what my mom buys me so my brothers won't see them.

There are a lot of different customs for Mexicans. For example, there are is a coming out party called a Quinceanera. That means that a young lady has finally reached the age of fifteen. They usually have a big dance and they go to church and have a mass. It's really fun to go to and you have lots of fun with friends and family. Another thing Mexicans do is always have all kinds of parties for any little thing that happens. Mexicans party all weekend long and don't go home until the next day--then wait until it's night to go party again. I love to party with all my friends. I always go out with all my friends and have a really good time. I usually don't come home until about two in the morning and then sleep all day. My mother always gets mad at me because I am always with my friends and I don't spend too much time in the house.

Food and clothing are also some things that are really different with Mexicans. I think Mexican food is so good. I like it better than American food. Mexican food has a lot of spices and they all use a lot of chili peppers. The clothes are a lot different also because Mexicans don't really care what they wear.

In conclusion, being a migrant worker is very hard. You are always having to face very hard things. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages about being a migrant worker.
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