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Windwalker A Nazgûl discovers some magic is stronger than any cursed Ring. Complete short story. I'd rate it R for adult themes.
Corollaire the Windwalker
Windwalker Healing One of the messengers of Minas Morgul is wounded and Nazgûl Coros decides she's worth salvaging. Only one problem - the only healer available is the Witch-King of Angmar. R for adult themes.
nazgul on horseback
Windwalker Aftershock A few eagles come home to roost. PG  
Dark Waters The Witch-King of Angmar needs to cross the river Anduin with his comrades. Simple, right? Complete short story. Contains some slash, het, cussin', and spooked horses. Rate it an R for adult situations.
Angmar looking annoyed
The Hospitality of Tirion Herumor has finally reached the dubious haven of the West - the Undying Lands - and now is staying in the city of Tirion under the care of elves who have never heard the term 'Nazgûl'. And care for him they do. Rated R for adult situations.  
Just an Old Friend Herumor of Anadunë, trusted lieutenant of the Witch-King of Angmar, has been given a 'mission impossible': take the Nazgûl's child to safety in the West. There are only a few minor obstacles between Herumor and success, one of which is a certain elf-lord from Rivendell. PG-13
First Aid The elf decides medical care is called for. PG-13  

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