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This page contains a reading list for secondary literature classes of the Richland School District, Richland, Washington with mini reviews for the books used as well as discussion questions for home use.

If your family assumes a Biblical worldview these questions should help you and your student to draw some of the truths out of this reading material and be able to dismiss some of the falsehoods that flow through it.

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Richland School District - Secondary Literature Classes

Reading List for

9th grade

10th grade

11th grade

12th grade

On September 8, 1998 the Richland School Board adopted a new reading list for secondary literature curriculum. There were eighty new novels on the adopted list. The other half of the list of new novels is scheduled to be adopted by the board in the summer of 1999. The new novels on these two lists are about half of the total number of novels used or planned for use in the high school English classrooms. The first eighty novels received attention of volunteer community reviewers during the month of July, 1998. Several of the novels received questioning comments and even outright objections to their use in the classroom from community reviewers. This report is an attempt to alert students and parents to some of the novels that were described as containing objectionable material for high school classroom use.

Seven Novels Challenged for Classroom Use

Appeal to School Board to Reconsider Seven Novels

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