The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

The Staff Feedback on Parent Review indicates that this book will be used with partial-truths to create environmental hysteria. The Staff Feedback says, "A chilling account of a close encounter with the lethal virus Ebola which makes the readers aware that ‘the emergence of AIDS, Ebola, and any number of other rain-forest Agents (may be) a natural consequence of the ruin of the tropical biosphere.’ This book is a page turner that proves truth is more frightening than fiction and that the future of the planet rest on our abilities to show respect for all global biospheres."

The language in the book is unnecessarily graphic, profane and crude. Preston lingers on, and returns to, the effects of the virus on sexual organs and one death is described for fifteen revolting pages.

"I have done a lot of reading in medicine and epidemiology so I was expecting that this would be an interesting and enjoyable book. However, the graphic descriptions and profane language left me feeling disappointed and disgusted. I would not recommend this book for high school students. Students interested in medicine and medical detective stories would enjoy and learn from the stories of Berton Roueche and those of Robin Cook." says one community reviewer.

One of the seven novels challenged for classroom use by community reviewers.

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