Montana 1948

by Larry Watson

Warnings from one community reviewer include "Will eleventh graders reject a book written from a twelve year old’s perspective?" and "Some will confuse the rape theme with a sexual theme." Another writes "Theme of sexual molestation and other sexual themes are presented in a way that requires maturity. The book contains offensive language, and is very depressing in tone. Rather than helping the reader see positive ways to deal with the abusive behaviors observed in our society, the book presents its central character "copping out," i.e. not doing much except withdraw to his own world. The overall effect of the message is to say that our society contains warped and corrupt people and behaviors, but the power of individuals and groups to make a difference is minimal. It presents abusive behavior as unacceptable and vile but seems morally confusing because even the central character simply becomes cynical and withdraws."

Frank Perritti is a successful northwest artist, unconsidered on the reading list.

His books include This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness, Prophet, and The Oath.


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