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Not only does this curriculum not meet the requirements of our Instructional Materials Policy -- we have shown you this evening numerous policies this curriculum VIOLATES.

We have also shown you that the seven books listed here do not have educational value consistent with the Richland School Districtís policies and they do not support our integrated curriculum. They should be deleted from the list of adopted texts, and we urge you to make that move. But as we have stated all along, these books are merely representative of the poor quality literature in our high school Language Arts program. Until you go back and fix the cause for this poor quality -namely this curriculum and itís list of 292 books, which was written without ANY parental representation - you will continue to have complaints in the future.

It is our request that you remove these seven books from the list of adopted texts.

It is our prayer that you make the rewriting of this curriculum with parent and community involvement a goal of yours.