Changeling:The Dreaming

Still working on this page. I am trying to add a few pictures so it doesn't look so boring, and some content so it isn't so boring. :)

But for now, we will suffer with it as it is. Just a breif description of the game:
Changeling: The Dreaming is a storytelling game, spawned from the ever-popular Vampire: The Masquerade. It's a ton of fun. I call it the Game for Your Inner Child. The basic premis behind it is that there really are Fairies, and some of them are still around, it's just that you can't see them. The ones that are still here (on Earth) are forced to live dual lives, as they are half Fae and half mortal. (And you know, it's all your fault, since you don't dream enough!!)

I am currently running a chronicle (sorry, don't have a creative name for it yet), and it's been a lot of fun. It's been going for about a month now. If you want to attend, and happen to live in South Eastern Washington (the State), go ahead and send me e-mail. Or you can just send me e-mail for the heck of it too...

There are quite a few things I would like to do with this page. One is that I have created a sub-page called Arcadia. This is set up as though it were really written by Fae. (Maybe it really is written by Fae, and your own banality is making you justify it by creating this page in your mind to explain it all... Naw . . . There's no such thing, right?) I hope to include a lot of things you can include in-game, such as chimera, treasures, and NPC's. I already have a new Secret Society developed on that page, so go ahead and take a look.

I would also like to post other storyteller aids that are difficult to fit into the make-believe of the Arcadia page. Aids such as scenerios and secrets known only to the storyteller. This is going to take some time, however, so just hang on.

Updates! There are some interesting things I have learned about new releases comming out from White Wolf. Teaser: What?? A collectable card game based off of Changeling?!?!

Links! Links! Links! Links!
There are quite a few really awesome links out there, people providing wonderful services to we storytellers.
Links! Links! Links! Links!

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