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    The Santo Tomas/Los Baņos Navy Nurses    
     By Dr. Tom McLaughlin    
    Doroty Still   Pre - World War II   Goldia O'Haver   Fires at Cavit, U.S. Navy Base    
      Dec. 10, 1941    
    Bertha Evans   Laura Cobb - the Chief Nurse   Nurses Keeping clean at    The Gallant 11 Nurses at     
      Santa Tomas   Santa Thomas    
    Nurse Peggy Nash   Dorothy Still   Beri-beri, "jungle rot" an endemic   Carmen Rivera, a Philippine Nurse    
      diease in the Camp      
    Nurse Peggy Nash   Food for a day for a family of 4 Capt Don Anderson &   Bancas - dugout canoes    
      Lt. Herbert Parker      
    Recon Platoon moving into    The Los Baņos Jump 2-23-1945 Nurse "Red" Harrington   Amtracs (Land/Sea going)    
    Amtracs at Los Baņos   Nurse Eldene Paige   Camp confusion   Nurse Edwina Todd    
    Departing Amtrac returing fire   Nurse Susie Pitcher & others   Pfc George Doherty G-511th PIR Navy Nurses    
      unloading at Mamatid      
    Nurse Lt. j.g. Helen Gorzelanski The Hanging   Eyes front   Dorthy Still - in review