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    Blogs from the 11th Airborne during World War II    
    View No One Smiled on Leyte by Dean Marks - HQ2-511th PIR    
    View Rats Ass Charge by Steve Cavannugh - F-511th PIR    
    View The 187th Glider Battalion in Leyte    
    View The Day theTank Blew Up by Deane Marks - HQ2-511th PIR --- a bit long, but Deane at his best    
    View The 187th Glider Battalion In Luzon    
    View A Walk with God by Bernie Coon - Medics 511th PIR --- a must read    
    View NAGSUBU - by Carl Memmel from E-188th Para Glider Regt.    
    View Campaign On Aparri  (the 3rd 511th PIR Combat jump) by MAJ James Lorio, G- 511th PIR    
    View The Hell we Call War by Jack McGrath, Medics 511th PIR    
    View The Infantry Soldier's Learning Curve - A Dangerous Slope,  a well written article by Charles J. Sass, B-511th PIR  
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