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Dear Fellow Trooper or Interested member:
This letter is to briefly introduce you to the 511th Parachute Infantry Association. 
The 511th Parachute Infantry Association was formed in 1986 in an attempt to help former members of the Regiment to keep track of their comrades-in-arms and to preserve the history and memories of their life in the 511th. To help us do this, we publish a quarterly Newsletter.
Our magazine is called "Winds Aloft" and contains stories about the 511th and the men who made it famous. Information concerning reunions and other news of interest to our members is contained within its covers. Active membership rosters are printed in the Winter Newsletter.
Our reunions are a joy for all of us. During the years the 11th Airborne Division Association holds its reunion, (odd years) we hold our reunion in conjunction with theirs. The years that the 11th Airborne Division Association does not hold a reunion, we used to hold ours on the even years.
Our last 511th PIR (independent) reunion was held in Reno, NV -- Oct. 5 - 7, 2010. 
The election of Association Officers and Trustees is held on the odd years, at the 511th PIR Association reunion. All officers and trustees are volunteers who serve without compensation. Every member of the Association is eligible to hold one of these offices.
At the present time, the 511th Parachute Infantry Association has decreased to about 280 active members. We welcome all former members of the Regiment to join us as Regular or Life members. Non-members of the Regiment may join us as Associate Members.
Note: The 511th Parachute Infantry Association was dissolved (termininated) in Dec. 2014
Stand tall and best wishes to you,
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