GViz '96 Vendor Show

Note: The deadline for participation in the vendor show has been moved to January 12, 1996.

GViz `94 was a resounding success! GViz `94 was held on August 8th, 1994 at the Tower Inn in Richland, Washington. A total of 363 people attended the Vendor Show and 104 people attended the Technical Presentations. Attendees represented all the major c ontractors at Hanford: Battelle, Westinghouse, and Boeing, and also consisted of businessmen from communities in Southeastern Washington. The vendors who participated in GViz `94 were very happy with the quality of attendees at the Vendor Show and the fa cilities provided by the Tower Inn. Because of the success of GViz `94, we expect an even larger turnout for GViz `96.

The Vendor Show will be invaluable for local businessmen and scientists who need information on commercially available computer products. The Vendor Show will be continuous during the conference and open to vendors of both computer technology hardware an d software. The types of computer hardware being presented will include a range of computers from Personal Computers to highend UNIX workstations. Computer software will focus on Finite Element Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Graphical User Interfaces, Multi-Media, and Scientific Visualization.

The Vendor Show will be held in a large conference area where vendors will purchase booths to present on-line demonstrations of their products and provide users with hands-on access for product evaluation. The vendors can purchase single booths that are approximately 10x10' for $400 per booth, a corner booth for $1000, or bring a demonstration bus for $800. If enough interest is expressed, a Vendor Presentation room will be available for formal vendor presentations which will seat 40 people in theater style and cost $50/hour. The Vendor Show will be open to the public, free of charge.

If you would like to participate in GViz `96 or would like more information, please complete the interest form

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a non-profit organization formed to promote understanding of computer science. The Special Interest Group in Graphics (SIGGRAPH) focuses on promoting an increased knowledge of and greater interest in computer graphics. The Executive Committee of the Tri-Cities ACM SIGGRAPH hopes you will join us for GViz `96.

For additional information, contact: Battelle PNL, Betty Evans, PO Box 999 MS K9-55, Richland WA 99352; Phone: (509)372-6058; Fax: (509)372-6397; Email: betty@pallas.pnl.gov

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