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Take for example, the fact that all seven of these books advocate drinking or drug use, and I do mean to use the term "advocate." These three curricula and these four policies are violated by these novels.

The District takes a strong stand against drinking and drugs in Policy 2167 saying that the Board recognizes drug abuse as a societal problem and that it may impair normal development, well-being and academic performance of students. It says we are committed to emphasizing prevention. None of these books, however, could be part of a plan to emphasize the prevention of drug or alcohol use because they encourage the misuse of drugs and unhealthy living. Sometimes a Great Notion lists the reasons why we should use marijuana and Reviving Ophelia encourages thirteen year olds to go ahead and drink if they do it “responsibly.” (See excerpts of District Policies and District Curricula)

Home and Family Life Curriculum says “The students will be able to apply principles of human growth and development of self-awareness and relationships with adults, peers and children within family and society.” Yet, by substance abuse advocacy these books encourage no application of self-growth within family or society. Social Studies Curriculum says we will teach students to distinguish fact from opinion, objectivity from bias, and to identify and clarify their own commitments through a rational thinking process.” Yet these books defend substance abuse in a biased manner without inviting the reader to question. The Hot Zone even refers to scotch as the best cure for an exposure to the Ebola virus. (See excerpts of District Policies and District Curricula)

The Health Education Curriculum says that this program (I quote) “is intended to complement and supplement the practices and standards established by the family. … The health program will provide students an understanding of their roles in contributing to a healthful society. The program is intended to offer students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for healthful and safe living.” (end of quote) There is no way these seven books could be defended as supporting the goals of this curriculum. They do not help students understand roles or even what a healthful society is, for that matter. (See excerpts of District Policies and District Curricula)