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Policy 3200 says “The mission of the Richland School district is to provide learning experiences which will assist all students to develop skills, competencies, and attitudes that are fundamental to an individual’s achievement as a responsible, contributing citizen.” Graphic violence, however, simply detracts from such a goal. (See excerpts of District Policies and District Curricula)

This policy forbids alcohol, drugs, battery, criminal acts, insubordination, disorderly conduct, verbal assault, harassment, sexual harassment, racial intimidation, and tobacco products. Richland School District has long been known for it’s efforts to provide a safe learning environment for its students. Violence of any kind is not tolerated.

However, all of these elements are blatantly introduced into the lives of the students by these texts. The vicarious experience of graphic violence not only detracts from the goal of a safe environment it actually promotes the very violence we are working to eliminate.