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      View Liberating the Los Baños Internment Camp -- Author unknown    
    View The Recon Platoon at Los Baños by Sgt. Terry R. Santos from the 11th Abn. Div. Recon Platoon    
    View The Reconnaissance Mission at Los Baños by Sgt. Martin Squires from the 11th Abn. Div. Recon Platoon    
      View The Origin of the Recon Platoon & Los Baños raid by Robert Carroll from the 11th Abn. Div. Recon Platoon    
      View The Los Baños Raid - The rescue jump by the B-511th Company Commander, John Ringler    
      View Through The Eyes of the Pilot by the lead Co-Pilot that transported the B-511th troopers etc. to the Los Baños raid  
      View Got'em there on time for a Dramatic Attack 3by LTC Joseph Gibbs of  the 672nd amphibious tractor battalion     
      View A Swing and a Miss -  by Col Robert S. Beightler, B-511th PIR missing the Los Baños Raid     
      View Zippo - by Lt Walter Hettlinger, Light Machine Gun Commander HQ1-511th     
      View Sweet Memories Linger from New Bilibid by Margaret (Whitaker) Squires    
      View Gypsy, Brownie and Wine by Father William McCarthy, M.M., serving in Los Baños - A short amusing read    
      View Los Baños Memoirs by Dr. Jorge P. Juliano.    
      View Escape at Dawn by Dr. Carol Terry Talbot    
      View From the Inside Looking Out by Margaret Sams the author of "Forbidden Family"     
      View Rescue and Reunion  by Lois McCoy Bourinskie (the 3 day old Los Baños Internee when rescued)     
      View Behind Barbed Wire & College Walls  by George Mora    
      View The “ANGELS” came at Dawn by Robert Wheeler    
      View Stranded - An interesting Los Baños article by "seaman" Joseph Vernick on hunger    
    Special View The Santo Tomas/Los Baños Navy Nurses by Dr. Tom McLaughlin - with a link to his paintings    
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