Grand Coulee Dam Photo Gallery

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This is the starting point to the Grand Coulee Dam / Columbia Basin Project photo gallery. The photos are grouped into sections to make individual pages easier to load and to make it easier to locate the photos you are interested in. All photos are stored in JPEG format to provide good color and image quality in a minimum amount of space. Most photos are 1024 pixels in length measured on the long axis and take up approximately 100kB of storage. There are a few lower resolution shots (512 pixels in length) which do not benefit from greater resolution.

All photos were taken by the author unless otherwise noted.


Construction Photos
Various pictures taken during the dam's construction
Dam Equipment Photos
Pictures of pumps, generators, transformers, controls and other equipment used at the dam
Dam Exteriors
Various shots of the exterior of the dam. Includes day, night and aerial shots
Columbia Basin Irrigation Project Photos
Pictures of canals, reservoirs, re-lift pumps, wasteways and other components related to the irrigation project.

This page is maintained by Charles Hubbard as a private effort. Mr. Hubbard is in no way associated with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation or the Columbia Basin Project.

Created: September 19, 1995
Modified: April 20, 1996