A New Paradigm on Quantum Physics
A New Model for the Photon and other Subatomic Particles

Years ago, my good friend, Dr. James H.L. Lawler, wrote a paper which solved many of the problems found in modern physics, including the wave-particle duality question.

Among other things, Dr. Lawler proposes that the photon is a particle and only a particle. It's shape and rotational mechanics cause it to display many of the properties of a wave, thus confusing scientists for decades.

Put simply, the photon consists of two oppositely charged poles in orbit around one another. Electrons and other subatomic particles are made up of multiples of these pairs.

To learn more, please read Dr. Lawler's paper, which I have posted here, with Jim's permission.

The Quantization of Space-Time, by James H.L. Lawler

Part 2 - Discussion: A Photon Model
Part 3 - The Quantization of Space-Time
Part 4 - A New Look at Gravity and Other Forces
Part 5 - The Age and Size of the Universe & Multiple Universe Theory (MUT)
Part 6 - What Determines a Universe?
Part 7 - Indexing
Part 8 - Tachyons

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