From H and eq 66 and eq 67 it is possible to calculate the age and radius of the universe. Substituting the density of matter (1.5172778 x 10 -8) in the universe into eq 74 (H2 = 4/3 p r G), with the relatively poorly known147 constant G = 6.6732 x 10-8 dyne cm2/gm2 (error 0.0031 or 230 ppm) H may be found:

H = 2.05941 x 10-18 per sec eq 86

(with expected error of 0.00047, this compares to the pure number derivation eq 113 where H was found to be 2.059429x 10-18 per sec.)

The limiting factor in the accuracy in H above is the value of the gravitational constant with 230 ppm error. Still this value of H is far more accurate any other value to date.

The age of the Universe:

tu= 1/H = 4.85575 x 1017 seconds or 15.387 billion years eq 87

The radius of the Universe:

Ru = C/H = 1.4557 x 1028 cm (or x 1026 meters)

or 15.387 billion light years. eq 88

This compares to guesses near 15 billion Ly with at least 2 billion Ly error in observed values.

From later indexing theory the radius would appear to require 2164 spasons which is a value of 1.489 x 1028 cm and a value of

H = 2.0131x 10-18 per sec thus the values all agree well with the probable error stated. But this derivation merely sets an upper limit for H and is not exact, i.e. the prior value is the more correct one.

Multi Universe Theory (MUT)

The two terms in eq 69

s = so e+Ht + B e-Ht eq 69(repeated)

imply that there are pairs of linked universes, one expanding and the other contracting, both with the same general physical constants that determine the universe. The positive power, e+Ht, is a expanding universe term, and the negative power, e-Ht, is the contracting universe term.

However there is a great deal more implied in this duality. For example in our universe the "four space" position or interval, I, from a reference (0,0,0,0) point is given by:

I2 = x2 + y2 + z2 - C2 t2 eq 89

and note that the time term is MINUS C2t2 not positive. In the contracting universe these cognate terms are:

I2 = x2 + y2 + z2 + C2 t2 eq 90

Thus the contracting universe is actually the more "symmetric" or orderly universe, populated with positrons and anti-protons and anti- neutrons forming anti- matter, with time reversed from the time in our universe; and gravity acts in reverse as well. All "anti- matter" seeks to distribute itself evenly in the continua rather than being attractive and clumping to form planets, stars and other black hole types of bodies as in this universe. Thus this answers the symmetry question of where the positrons etc. that are not observed in our universe have gone... they are in the "sister" Contra- terrene (CT) universe described in that "trivial" term in eq 69. As a side note entropy tends to order in that system, and "information content" which demands at the very least a difference in state- some binary 0 or 1 - to continue to exist is being lost from the universe as it become more homogeneous, the differences are disappearing. Thus while entropy in our system increases and tends to disorder, in the CT system entropy decreases and the system tends to maximal order.

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